Wednesday, 30 March 2011

screamfree me...insyaAllah...

I've finished read this book...and now I really hope I can cut down my screaming n yellin and jadi mak yang lebih cool...hehehe.....Here I nak share the 12 principles of screamfree parenting.....
1. Parenting is Not About Kids, it’s About Parents
2. Growing Up is Hard to Do, Especially for Grown-ups
3. If You’re Not Under Control, then You Cannot be in Charge
4. Begin with the End in Mind, but Let Go of the Final Results
5.  Put on Your Own Oxygen Mask First
6. Kids Need their Space
7. Resistance is Futile: Go with the Flow
8. You Don’t Really Know Them (and Neither does Dadima)
9. Parents Set the Table by Setting the Tone
10. Let the Consequences Do the Screaming
11. Empty Threats are Really Broken Promises
12. You are Not Responsible for Your Kids, but You are Responsible to Them

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